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TristanDee 01-15-2008 10:38 AM

Window focus: where is click-titlebar-to-raise?
OK, to some this might seem to be a silly question.

I don't find the click-titlebar-to-raise option in Window Behavior dialogue box in Debian Lenny. There are the focus-follows-mouse and raise-after-secs options.

Can anyone tell me where I am not looking?

By the way, I really don't think it was a silly question--after all the option provides great help, especially for copying-pasting from one window to another.

oxleyk 01-17-2008 06:26 AM

Clicking the titlebar, or anywhere in a window, will raise the window. There is no setting.


TristanDee 01-17-2008 09:00 AM

Yeah, I also thought so after looking at every possible places :(.

I found this behaviour in Ubuntu and it really seemed quite useful. Wish Debian also had this.

Is it possible, by any chance, to incorporate it into Debian? Is there any magic coding-thing to do the wonder?

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