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glenn69 10-14-2004 12:53 AM

What packages do I need to compile source?
I am trying to compile a source program, however I keep getting errors when I try to ./configure. Cannot create executable, etc...etc

Is there a group of pacakges that I can apt-get to be able to install programs this way?

On some distros, they offer to install developmental packages. Is there something like this in debian?


darthtux 10-14-2004 12:56 AM

What version of Debian are you using?
Have you tried apt-get? It can search for and install packages
apt-cache search keyword
apt-get install package
providing you have /etc/apt/sources.list configured.

Take a look here

glenn69 10-14-2004 11:07 AM

I am using debian sarge.
I do know that I can search, however what I would like to know is what to search for.
Is there a basic "set" of packages that are used to compile the source code. I realize that the library dependencies vary, however the compiler "set" is the same....correct?

drawhla 10-14-2004 01:15 PM

check this out, it may be what you need (or not)

darthtux 10-14-2004 07:42 PM

I don't think there is a "group". You might need to install make. But it might help if you give the exact error messages.

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