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RufSoc 05-13-2005 02:35 PM

wallpapers on startup that change
i downloaded the following package "wallpapers-debian" from apt-get, after i added the source to /etc/apt..i noticed when i upgraded and installed this package, everytime i restarted my computer..the wallpaper would be different when the splash screen came up, and would change back to my original wallpaper. i tried getting rid of it so the wallpaper didn't do some wierd switcharoo on start up, but wasn't successful. any ideas?

acker 05-13-2005 04:42 PM

I had a similar issue. I used different managers... While in XFCE i've put a wallpaper on my desktop. After that i've switched to KDE and for a brief moment while KDE started i saw the old wallpaper, not the one in KDE.

I don't know your sollution but you could chech ~/.xsession ~/.xinit to see what programs run from there(you may find something there).
Just a though...


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