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kaz2100 05-27-2020 05:00 AM

/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages directory has some strange files.

Something I cannot understand happened to my Penguin. I appreciate any comment.

System Debian bullseye, up-to-date (as of last week) AMD 64.

While I was analyzing local python2 program, (hoping to convert it to python3),
I found that
1. /usr/local/python3/dist-packages directory has, but python3-six package is NOT installed. and that
2. exists, which is not supposed to be there unless architecture is mips.

Other files look OK, as corresponding packages are installed.

This disk has been used for a good while, with dist-upgrade many times. No other distro was used.

Can anybody direct me to safe way to straighten up these files?


pan64 05-27-2020 05:05 AM
probably it is installed by pip3 (?)

kaz2100 05-27-2020 06:37 PM


Thanks for your post.

I do no have pip(3) installed either. So, still in enigma.


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