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subaruwrx 12-15-2004 08:36 AM

USB Bluetooth device and USB Wireless Card
Anyone successfully able to use USB Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, USB Wireless Card on your Debian PC?

Will it all be recognised by the debian installer by default? Or need to use normal keyboard/mouse and after installing, recompile a new kernel for the devices?

subaruwrx 12-18-2004 11:14 PM


subaruwrx 12-30-2004 11:45 AM


subaruwrx 12-31-2004 05:31 AM

The bluetooth combo I'm getting is here

Not sure if it will works,

subaruwrx 01-01-2005 11:24 PM


subaruwrx 01-04-2005 10:06 AM


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