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kenneth.ramsey 04-22-2007 08:32 AM

Unusual keyboard issue
I'm running Etch with a standard laptop install. I normally use KDE desktop, yesterday I noticed my "c" key stopped working in KDE. For troubleshooting I tried my windoze hard drive which it works fine in. It also works in KDM and also Gnome, which I'm writing this from. I tried an apt-get dist-upgrade last night with no help. I've look in KDE for the keyboard setting but haven't found anything. I've also tried an apt-get install xserver-xorg-key* hoping to find a keyboard map but that didn't produce anything.
Does anybody have any ideas as to where to go next?

Dutch Master 04-22-2007 08:40 AM

You might want to try to clean the keys in your keyboard.

kenneth.ramsey 04-22-2007 09:28 AM

Keyboard issue
Thanks for the idea but; my only issue with cleaning it, is that it works in everything else but KDE. I really don't feel it's a hardware issue.

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