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kevinbenko 04-21-2012 05:42 PM

Trouble with patch on #609171
I am running under Debian testing/unstable

I have a question concerning Bug Report *609171
It is listed as

dolphin/hal: dolphin could not mount hard drive partition

The Bug Report is listed as having a patch, but I am unable to find the stated patch.
Could you please tell me where to find the patch and whether the patch is applied to dolphin or hal.

ps: I have recently had a stroke and, thus, I am a bit scattered.

Thank you for your help.

Ian John Locke II 04-27-2012 09:10 PM

Can you link to the bug report? It should be an attachment on one of the messages mentioning the patch.

kevinbenko 04-27-2012 11:19 PM

Concerning #609171
Oh, come now!

I've spent my due diligence before asking, and when I looked duckduckgo (I like it better than google) and read all that I can read, then I asked the question.

Translation: I did look, but I could not find anything.
It is possible that I missed the patch, and if I have missed the question, could you please tell me where the patch is.

Thank you for your time.

Ian John Locke II 05-09-2012 02:33 PM

Sorry for disappearing. Finals and whatnot. This is what you're looking for. It has the patch in the discussion and instructions on how to apply it.

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