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grautu 08-20-2005 08:46 AM

To put bittorrent to download?
I've just installed bittorrent 4.04 (for Windows) on my computer, in order to download and eventually install Debian 3.1r0a (DVD distribution). However, though I've sought for information, I simply didn't learn: (1) how to put bittorrent to download the .iso.torrent file on my computer; (2) once having the .iso.torrent file, how to retrieve from it the aimed bootable DVD.
Could you please teach me how to do, step by step? (recall I'm under Win XP!)

rbochan 08-20-2005 01:22 PM

clicky clicky
clicky clicky


harken 08-20-2005 01:41 PM

grautu, we're conationals and I should tell you that we have two Debian FTP/HTTP mirrors which might suit you better. They're faster than a torrent download. And there's also a third mirror, not listed at Debian. If you want, mail me and I'll be glad to assist you further with both the download and the installation.

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