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zdolar 10-13-2021 09:16 AM

TigerVNC on other X instance

I have running BullsEye with XFCE running.
I wish to start TigerVNC server on OTHER X session.
So local desktop is intact while working on other session remotely.
I do not want to use tigervnc-scraping-server on original (booted) x session.
Starting vncserver :1 produces a log:

Wed Oct 13 15:07:59 2021
vncext: VNC extension running!
vncext: Listening for VNC connections on local interface(s), port 5901
vncext: created VNC server for screen 0
3NI3X0 New Xtigervnc server 'debian:1 (user)' on port 5901 for display :1.
3NI3X0 Use xtigervncviewer -SecurityTypes VncAuth -passwd /home/user/.vnc/passwd :1 to connect to the VNC server.
/usr/bin/startxfce4: X server already running on display :1
ComparingUpdateTracker: 0 pixels in / 0 pixels out
ComparingUpdateTracker: (1:-nan ratio)
xrdb: Connection refused
xrdb: Can't open display ':1'
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
xfce4-session: Cannot open display: .
As X is already running for display 0.

Is that possible, and how to accomplish this?

wpeckham 10-13-2021 10:22 AM

Normal is for the VNC server to be started by the user. Additional VNC servers may be started by the same user or other users, but cannot use the same set of listener ports. Multiple clients can connect to that server, each getting a unique individual desktop. (Exception Microsoft Windows workstation editions, which do not natively support multiple desktops.)
On startup, you MUST set the ports that listener will use or all after the first one will find the ports already in use and fail.
Each CLIENT session uses (by default, there are ways to change this) a unique virtual X session and they should not interfere with each other. Each uses a unique desktop session number (:0, :1, :59, etc.)

That said, it appears to me that tigervnc is not exactly normal. Tigervnc can run as a system service, and thus start sessions for multiple users from a single listener. In that case you would only NEED that single listener.

So the important questions are:
1. How are you starting the FIRST server session?
2. Why do you want a second server?
3. Have you tried simply starting a second client connection?
(If not, please do, and please describe your results.)

(I currently have only instances of Manjaro for testing, so I cannot test directly on Debian at this time. The behavior should not differ significantly.)

zdolar 11-30-2021 06:13 AM

Tigervnc service at boot on Debian
Thank you wpeckham and sorry for a late. response.
I have checked "e-mail on reply" but I never get any from QL ever.

I've managed to set up Tigervnc server on a Debian machine:
Service starts at boot sequence with a specified non-root user.
It is independent regardless of Debian booted state (CLI or GUI) - always works and get independent XFCE environment.

The above is exactly what I wanted.:)


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