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Ariel A. 01-04-2005 05:17 PM

Soyo K7VM333 v1.0 Onboard video card problems
anyone could help me configuring the Via vt8378 S3 UniChrome device,
I have Installed at least 5 linux distributions this day, slackware 10, debian sarge, SuSE 9.0, Fedora 3, Fedora 2 and Knoppix 3.6 ( running in live-cd mode)and all of them were defeated by this rebellious device that denied its cooperation setting up the Xwindow interface.
It just works using vesa framebuffer driver, but working with it has got no meaning because I could not reach its best performance with it, whereas mplayer or whatever video player don't work properly.
does anyone know which is the suitable driver for this device?


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