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xymian 02-20-2005 11:57 PM

Settings get reset on reboot
I am running Debian AMD64 and KDE. Many settings just won't stay set. For example, when I restart, the settings in ALSA mixer are all reset so that there is no sound (all set to zero). I like to have 8 virtual desktops ... but on restart it ALWAYS goes back to 4. I set what programs to open what files, but those settings don't stay stuck. And so on. I might think this is a KDE issue, but I also have a problem with web passwords. I run a webDav server. I keep the user password file in /var/apache/users but on a reboot that file no longer exists and I have to remake the entire thing. I don't reboot very often, but as you can imagine this is EXTREMELY annoying when I do. I have to spend 15 minutes going around resetting things back to how they were before.

Any ideas why this is happening / how to fix?


aus9 02-21-2005 06:18 AM

I don't use debian.

check that your settings you have WRITE permission.....normally need root powers

1 for sound run alsamixer in su mode then alsactl to save settings for all users then check /etc/asound.state
well thats how you do it in Mdk

2 terminals are in /etc/inittab.....again root permission to overwrite

cant help with webdav

xymian 02-22-2005 09:07 AM

I have managed to solve my webdav problem. Looks like it was independant and not related to other settings not sticking. I made a mistake above. I store the htpasswd file in /var/lock/apache/users
I checked permissions and changed the owner and group to www-data (which apache is running as). Didn't help.
I thought aus9 might be on the right track though when questioning my permissions. I did an experiment and copied my users files (password file that is) to /var/lock/ and then restarted. BOTH files had been deleted (ie both /var/lock/apache/users and /var/lock/users). I thought that was too weird. I changed the httpd.conf file dav section so that it would look for the password file in /var/dav/users instead. On a restart this file was NOT deleted. The ONLY thing that I can tell that is different is that the directory /var/lock has the sticky bit set (ie permissions are drwxrwxrwt --- note the last "t"). I *thought* the purpose of this was so that only an owner of a file can delete a file. Right? Does it have some other function of deleting files on shutdown? (I notice that the /tmp file also has the "t" bit set.)

Unfortunately the advice from aus9 didn't help. On restart alsamixer still goes back to teh same old settings. (One of the setttings is turned up, the others are all set at zero.)

It does sound like maybe some permission problem. Can anyone tell me what files specificallly I should check for permission discrepencies and what they *should* be set to. (By the way, is there any utility for Linux to "repair permissions" as there is for Mac OS X? That would be great. Probably not though.)


aus9 02-23-2005 04:53 AM

fair enought but you are still on the right track......some init script is suspect

I suggest until you get a better answer is to look at each /etc/rc.d/ script

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