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suguru 01-11-2004 04:17 AM

set console screen resolution Woody Dell-Lcd
I am running Woody on a Dell-Lcd. I can't read the end of messages.
Also the icon at the top left won't go away and knocks out the
top of messages.
How do I set the console screen resolution?

suguru 01-11-2004 05:13 AM

I altered /etc/lilo.conf

from 'vga=normal' to 'vga=ask'.
I saveed, ran 'lilo' and reboot. I had 30 seconds to see options presented
with the oppotunity to enter the mode I wanted, or to enter 'scan' to search for
the modes which are supported.
I typed scan. The screen came back with smaller letters and options 1 to 7
I choose 1. The resolution got small then reverted to the same old thing.
When the boot finished the icon was still there with all the previous problems.
I am on an eMachine with only 8MB onboard memory for video.

I will try rebooting with other resolutions but there ought to be a more
scientific way. Any help will be appreciated.

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