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mjolnir 02-05-2007 03:36 PM

sarge +slink +fastlynx -Permissions problem
First off it has been a good week. I did a net-install of sarge on my old backup laptop with good results. I also did a seven floppy base install of slink on an old 386 with 12 megs of ram. The machine boots up and I configured a U.S.R. external modem that lets me get on to the net. The 386 doesn't have a cdrom so my intentions are to transfer the base2.1.tgz to the h/d using fastlynx and parrallel ports and finish the install that way. This method is slow of course but works well when I tried it with sarge. On the laptop I just connect to my main windows laptop with a laplink cable, enter slx, and I can transfer upto 10 megs or 10 files per session(nagware but free) in either direction. My trouble is that the 386 desktop machine with slink gives me permission denied with user,su,or root. Find shows that slx is located at./usr/local/bin/slx on both machines. Ls -l shows permissions to be "-rwxr-xr-x 1 root staff 44924" on the sarge install and "-rw------- 1 root staff 1536" with slink. How do I go about changeing permissions on the slink install so that I can run slx? Sorry for the long post.

mjolnir 02-06-2007 09:16 AM

I went to mother google and learned a little bit. I ran "chmod u+x slx" and changed permissions. Unfortunately I now get a segmentation fault. Oh well.

nx5000 02-06-2007 10:49 AM

Do you have strace installed to track the segfault.
There's obviously a bug but it could be easy to correct (like a file missing, permission problem..)

Install strace and run
strace ./slink
Post the last 10 lines

mjolnir 02-07-2007 06:50 AM

Thanks for the reply nx5000. Strace isn't installed on the old system. It will be a few days before I have any spare time to work on it but I WILL get back to this project.

mjolnir 05-04-2007 01:35 PM

Sorry it took so long to get back nx5000 but I have just been to busy to fool with the "old girl" untill today. I have not tried to track down the seg fault yet but I have had a little success. I managed to find an entry for my sources.list that would work, ran "apt-get update", installed lynx, and did a little slow surfing. Now it is back to work on something more productive but it has been fun.

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