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abd_bela 09-14-2009 05:08 AM

running any appli tooks a very long time
Hi everybody,
I ve just install the new version of lenny (5.03),
execution of any application tooks very long time, even a simple xterm. On the same machine other distro or debian 5.0 is very faster.
The very strange thing is that the time and memory is low
ps aux gives for gnome-terminal 1% 0.5% for cpu and memory , but I waited more than 20 seconds to see the terminal window!!!!!
I noticed with top, sometimes the gnome-terminal disapears completly and sometimes it ii in the top (of the top window) before the loading of the window.
I checked with ps aux, there is no running program consuming a lot of resources

Is there a bug in this version
Thanks for help
best regards

Caballero del norte 09-30-2009 10:53 PM

Your problem could be in your network settings. Remember that Linux treats each user as a separate connexion on a network.

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