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lindylex 10-01-2008 03:37 AM

Realtek 8111C Gigabit LAN not detected during Debian Etch install
I have this barebones laptop.

This laptop has a “Realtek 8111C Gigabit LAN” during the installation process both Debian Etch and Lenny can not find or load the drivers needed for this ethernet card. Can someone make a suggestion on how I might get this to work?

I am using a netinstall, and since it can not get online I get a very marginal install of Debian and I am not sure how to fix this problem.

Saptech 10-01-2008 10:51 AM

Maybe you can download the latest kernel to a thumb drive or burn it to cd disc and install a newer kernel.

lindylex 10-02-2008 02:32 AM

Saptech, thank that worked it got me on line with the latest kernel. One down many more to go.

If you are reading this. Any of these these two howto can show you how to build your Kernel, it is very easy.

From this tutorial use this "make menuconfig" don't use "make xconfig" because it might not work.


Avoid the making a symbolic part "ln -s linux-2.6.XX.X linux" it is needed if you plan to transport the Kernel to another computer.

Then go into the folder where the files have been compressed. And run the commands from the tutorial. The symbolic linked /usr/src/linux folder is needed and should point to the current Kernel headers you are using. Run "uname -r" and it tells you. The symbolic link for /usr/src/linux should then point to /usr/src/linux-headers-XXXXXX. The XXXXXX will be what "uname -r" gives you.

Various applications needs it to find the source path to linux-headers-XXXXXX.

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