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bdegier 01-31-2011 05:45 AM

PXE Boot Menu Background

I have just installed our PXE boot server using PXE which chainloads iPXE iPXE loads a menu.cfg which displays a nice menu which allows our employees to choose what to boot (Ghost, GParted, UBCD etc.).

The menu etc. all works fine. To spice it up a bit i want to add a menu background. I know this is possible but i keep failing. I tried to use the following file as a test:

Here is my menu.cfg:

DEFAULT      vesamenu.c32
PROMPT      0
MENU COLOR BORDER 30;44        #20ffffff #00000000 none
MENU COLOR SCROLLBAR 30;44              #20ffffff #00000000 none
MENU COLOR TITLE 0              #ffffffff #00000000 none
MENU COLOR SEL  30;47          #40000000 #20ffffff
timeout 1200

label local
        menu label Boot local HDD
        localboot 1

label ghost
        menu label Symantec Ghost
        menu default
        kernel memdisk
        append initrd=ghost/ghost.img

label abd
        menu label Active Bootdisk
        kernel memdisk
        append iso raw initrd=ABD.iso

label gparted
        menu label GParted
        kernel gparted/vmlinuz1
        append initrd=gparted/initrd1.img boot=live config union=aufs noswap noprompt vga=788 fetch=

label ubcd
        menu label Ultimate Boot CD
        kernel memdisk
        append iso raw initrd=ubcd/ubcd503.iso

label 2xclient
        menu label 2X ThinClientOS LiveCD
        kernel 2xclient/linux26
        append initrd=2xclient/rootdisk26.img quiet console=tty2 bootm=pxe vga=0x311 BOOT_OPT_START udev nofloppy usb2 BOOT_OPT_END ro  oemedition

Now using a .jpg file i get the following screen:

Notice the crap at the top of the screen. That colored line dissapears when i use an 8 bit PNG but the background stays black. I've tried alot of different "How To's" i found online.

Could someone please assist me in this? I'm quite lost :cry:



Dutch Master 01-31-2011 05:57 AM

  • check permissions
  • check filenames+extensions
  • check contents of the /tftpboot directory

The link you provided didn't work, this one does:

bdegier 01-31-2011 08:07 AM

Permissions we're set to root, i changed the splash.png to nobody and nogroup and chmodded the file to 777.

I am not using the tftpboot directory because i'm using iPXE which boots the menu.cfg described above. All these files reside in my www directory because iPXE allows for booting over HTTP.

I will try and check if this helped later today.

bdegier 02-07-2011 06:35 AM

Sorry for the late reply but things got a little busy last week :-) I set the permissions to what is stated above but it sadly did not work.

Any suggestions?

[edit] I found a site called today and took a look at their bootscripts. I copied the whole thing and dumped it into my menu.cfg


menu hshift 0
menu width 49
menu margin 8
menu color title * #FFFFFFFF *
menu color border * #00000000 #00000000 none
menu color sel * #ffffffff #999999ff *
menu color hotsel 1;7;37;40 #ffffffff #999999ff *
menu color tabmsg * #ffffffff #00000000 *
menu vshift 8
menu rows 10
menu helpmsgrow 16
menu background
prompt 0
allowoptions 0

menu title boot menu
This seems to work slightly. I can now see a purple banner on top of the screen and a small part of the shoe in the picture.

The rest of the screen stays black :(

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