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enygma 11-08-2005 12:33 PM

Problems with Promise FastTrack S150 SX4
I did a net install of Debian on a machine with a primary IDE drive and 2 SATA drives on a promise controller. I went to install the distro and noticed that it wouldn't detect the built in RAID array. I thought... well... fair enough. At least it will see both of the drives on the array, so I partitioned them for a software RAID 1 instead.

Installation went all fine and good, but then came the reboot. Once it rebooted, it had an error that fstab couldn't mount the partition mapped to /dev/md0 (the RAID system that should be on /dev/sda0 and /dev/sdb0). Well, fstab isn't seeing the raid controller either.

I guess my problem here... why did the installer install load the modules for the controller, but the default kernel didn't? How do I get it back up and running?

I installed Debian using the netinstaller ISO and am currently using kernel version 2.4.27-2-386.

ironwalker 11-09-2005 11:30 AM

Same card,but it only detects my 4 drives seperately and there partitions.I had to set the card to jbod then install software raid mdadm.Makeing the system reboot and recognise md*'s is as simple as reconfigureing mdadm.Also set in fstab to rw.
I have this card built in,am not useing as a module and all is fine,from the readme's I have read you should build the raid card in.

Hope this helps.

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