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mpyusko 09-24-2009 02:31 PM

Problems connecting to insecure wi-fi
Using a Dell Inspiron 6000 but the internal Wi-Fi is disabled (it died). Using a Belkin F5D7010 v7.0 instead. I'm also using KDE on Debian Lenny, with all the latest updates.

I setup the computer using a wired network install off a USB stick. (The DVD drive is fried too.... one's been on order through Dell since mid August.... keeps getting delayed) The laptop is needed for college, but since the DVD drive is dead I convinced my sister-in-law to give Linux a try (Windows would need a clean install because it was over run with viruses and a rootkit). She likes it so far and just may keep it permanently but we're facing one critical issue.

After I installed Debian I switched from using wired to wireless for the remainder until I gave it back to her. It easily detected and connected to my wi-fi using WPA2 and TKIP. When I gave it back to her she took it home and tried to connect to her insecure, default configuration, linksys router and it wouldn't work. It would connect to the network but no client configuration would take place. The computer is setup to use DHCP. Opening the browser results in unresolved addresses and webpages. There is no IP, Gateway, or Subnet adressing in ifconfig. I was able to "./etc/init.d/dchdbd restart" and have it work for about a minute until it fell back to no resolution again.

Advice? :D


ott0disk 10-01-2009 06:31 AM

hi man,are you using kde4?If yes....which network-manager?btw try to look for others dhcp clients installed on the system."./etc/init.d/dchdbd restart" as u write is wrong (maybe a typing error) the daemon you should use is dhcpd.cheeers

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