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jlinkels 07-26-2007 07:21 AM

Problem in OpenVPN /easy-rsa on Debian Sarge
When I installed OpenVPN on Sarge, the openssl.cnf file appears as a .gz file in the easy-rsa directory.

When editing the vars file, you have you enter the location of the openssl.cnf file.

You should NOT point to the openssl.cnf file which is already present on your system (as I did after I located the openssl.cnf file)

Instead, you have to manually unzip the openssl.cnf.gz file which came with the OpenVPN package.

I don't know why this unzipping is not done automatically, or if it is an error in the package. But it is essential to use this file and not the existing one. I am not sure whether this is corrected in Etch. I hope other users benefit from this message.


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