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pearman 08-04-2005 04:26 PM

printing on HP PhotoSmart from Gimp 2.2, gimp-print drivers needed?
Hi Y'all

I upgraded to Gimp 2.2.7 a couple of days ago. I find that I can't print to my HP PhotoSmart 7960 with the foomatic driver that seems to work fine with OpenOffice and other programs. Instead of an image I get paper spit out all over the floor. I had installed that driver with the KDE CUPS utility. I looked for another driver (this time using localhost:631) and there aren't many HP drivers listed and none for a Photosmart printer, foomatic or otherwise. It appears that I need to install gimp-print (=gutenprint) in order to get the gimp-print driver for the printer.

So in aptitude, I find that gimp-print is broken. I looked through the packages for the distributions at the Debian web site and I see that gimp-print is only available in unstable.

Am I missing something? How can I install a driver so that my HP PhotoSmart 7960 printer will behave reasonably with Gimp 2.2.7. ? Do I have to wait until gimp-print becomes un-broken, house-broken, fixed, neutered, spayed or whatever ;-) ?

== Still a newby

xukosky 08-05-2005 03:40 AM

Why can't you install the gimp-print package from unstable (Sid) ?

Dead Parrot 08-05-2005 04:19 AM recommends using the hpijs driver.
However, a user note on that page suggests that the hpijs driver does not fully support your printer -- there are known problems with some programs (Gimp is mentioned as an example). The user note suggests experimenting with different printing options (in Gimp's printing dialog, I presume) as a workaround.

You can check out in aptitude (Tasks -> Servers -> Print Server) that you've got all the necessary packages installed but there's little to do, I'm afraid, if the hpijs driver just doesn't support your printer properly. :(

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