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jmr71769 03-26-2004 11:41 AM

preserve links
hello fellow debian users.

i have a few boxes running sarge here at work which all have gcc-3.2 and gcc-3.3 installed on them. i keep having to manually change the /usr/bin/ link to point gcc to --> gcc-3.2 after every weekly update/upgrade. could someone please explain what tools or commands i should use to prevent this from happening?

i await your reply! thanks!


ToniT 04-20-2004 05:20 AM

Link handling gcc works somewhat different from other debian packages, and has own reasons for it.

In other packages there are the alternatives system that can be configured to point to correct executables. gcc is seen as a system program that shouldn't be changed. See and for discussion.

In sort, you shouldn't do it. If you still think you want to have gcc overridden, you can do it; you have been warned.

dpkg-divert --rename --divert /usr/bin/gcc.dpkg /usr/bin/gcc
Now the gcc file is left alone by the packaging system (original gcc is now known with the name gcc.dpkg).

jmr71769 04-22-2004 11:01 AM

thanks very much!
at *last*

someone was able to provide a clear cut *answer*!!!

thanks tonit

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