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Tisch 01-12-2004 03:24 PM

php4 with apache2? the debian way, how?
hello ppl...

debian - woody - stable

just wondering, i can install apache2 on debian by getting it from backports, thats great, but how do i get php4 packages working with apache2 coz those are compiled for apache... now i know, i have to compile it my self, so, how is it done the debian way, so i get packages out of compilation and install them, with apache2....

well, simple, i want apache2 and php4 installed, as smooth as apache1 and php4...

i know there is make-pkg right? is that the same as make? just it makes a package out of it?



ricstirato 01-21-2004 01:54 PM

You might have a look at
This is a searchable list of unofficial Debian packages, including many backports to Woody.

Simply add (one of the) the "deb ...." line(s) listed for your search to your /etc/apt/sources.list and do an

apt-get update

asb 01-21-2004 05:55 PM

Just did this myself. Got the source codes and compiled myself. Both apache and php have good instructions on their sites, but this is the set I ended up following, mainly because they are all together.

Don't know if it is a security risk or not and didn't find any specifications in either sites documentation, but I had to put the php4 folder in apache2/htdocs folder to get it to work.

Strike 01-21-2004 07:13 PM

If you use sid, they work together out of the box, I believe

sketelsen 08-19-2004 09:35 AM

I don't think that they do. I've been banging my head against php4 with apache2-mpm-prefork, as distributed in SID. Apache 2 seems to work very well, but as soon as i load the php module, the whole thing goes to crap; broken image links, broken icon links, pages won't load on localhost, different problems that I just can't seem to resolve: as I've had trouble compiling as well as installing binaries for apache2, i'm going to stick with apache1.3 until apache2 becomes a bit more mainstream for production.

The above link will explain why, perhaps, apache2 isn't a good choice for a production server. and, as I am using the thing for production AND development, thinking i'll go with the safer choice.


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