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linuxStudent11 04-27-2011 09:12 AM

Partial Upgrade of BIG NEW KDE UPGRADE (debsig-verify related?)
I'm running Ubuntu 10.10.
A couple weeks ago I tried to install debsig-verify and I may have done it incorrectly (keys wrong?).
The next time the update-manager ran, it complained I could only do a partial upgrade (almost nothing) because of the presence of debsig-verify. So I uninstalled debsig-verify and got my upgrade.
Now, today, Apr 27, update-manager again says it can only do a partial upgrade. However, when I click OK, it wants to upgrade 322 packages, most of which are KDE (I use Gnome mostly).
1) Is my mis-install of debsig-verify related to the massive KDE upgrade?
2) I mostly use Gnome (though I like KDE better). If something goes wrong, will it kill anything inside Gnome?
3) It says it wants up upgrade Nautilus?!? I thought that was part of Gnome?!? So now I'm really confused.
4) Is this KDE upgrade a normal upgrade or did I break something?

I thought I'd ask before killing something...

alan_ri 04-27-2011 12:29 PM

This is Debian Sub-Forum, not Ubuntu.
You may want to post your repo list and output of;

apt-show-versions -u
If needed install apt-show-versions.

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