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mehlkelm 11-21-2005 11:59 AM

No resume from suspend

I am using the hibernate package to suspend to disk. Because I dont want to recompile my kernel at the moment, I edited /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf to use sysfs_power_state instead of suspend2.
Works great.

But when I put the power back on the computer boots normally, I don't know how to resume the suspended session.

All the FaQs and HowTo's only deal with suspending, not with resuming..


Keruskerfuerst 11-21-2005 02:04 PM

1. The size of the swap partition must be >4/3 of RAM size.

mehlkelm 11-21-2005 05:48 PM


Originally posted by Keruskerf├╝rst
1. The size of the swap partition must be >4/3 of RAM size.
386 MB RAM, ~1 GB swap partition

What's next on the list? :)

basileus 11-22-2005 10:48 AM

There are quite a lot of READMEs in the "hibernate" package. Check them out. Anyways, I guess your problem is that you have not specified "resume=/dev/hdXX" in your /boot/grub/menu.lst or /etc/lilo.conf. So it does not know from which partition to resume from. The resume partition will be your first swap partition from /etc/fstab.

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