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rsp 07-25-2007 11:30 PM

nfs client does not mount server-shares automatically on boot

I am new to Debian; using etch.

I have installed nfs on server and client in a small home-network. NFS is functional manually but does not mount the shares automatically from /etc/fstab.

I have modified /etc/init.d/ to mount nfs by changing the 'nonfs' to 'nfs' in the starting lines shown below:

'mount_all_local() {
mount -a -t nonfs,nfs4,smbfs,cifs,ncp,ncpfs,coda,ocfs2,gfs \
-O no_netdev

While booting, the error ('failed' shown in red) is as under:

"Mounting local filesystems."
"mount on nfs Server failed. The Server is down"

But the server is very much up.

Extract from my /etc/fstab is as below: /mnt/rsp nfs soft,nfsvers=2 0 0 /mnt/shp nfs soft,nfsvers=2 0 0

After loging-in as a user I can mount nfs by just running command 'sudo mount -a' on the terminal.

I suspect that the script '' is executed before the network is up. And there is no link for starting this script in any of the '/etc/rc?.d' directories. So I cannot make out at what stage this script is executed. But it is executed during boot, for sure. I say this because after reversing the changes, there is no error but the nfs shares are not mounted automatically.

What more is needed here?

Any suggestions please?



Wells 07-27-2007 11:15 AM

/etc/init.d/ is called from /etc/rcS.d/ As the files in rcS.d I believe fire off before networking is setup in rc3.d (I believe... correct me if I am wrong), it is not surprising that NFS mounts fail at this time.

You may have to do a link in /etc/rc3.d to fire off again once networking has finished setting up.

rsp 07-29-2007 07:26 AM

nfs client does not mount server-shares automatically on boot
Thanks for your response and putting me wise on /etc/rcS.d.

What was useful in solving this problem, was the following extract from /etc/rcS.d/README:

"The following sequence points are defined at this time:

* After the S40 scripts have executed, all local file systems are mounted
and networking is available. All device drivers have been initialized."

So I made the link in /etc/rcS.d/ as ''. That has solved the problem.

Now there is no need to make any more links to '/etc/init.d/' in any other run-level.

Thanks and Regards,


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