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mechmg93 04-14-2006 06:02 AM

need information about Intel 915GM and intel 945 graphics chipsets in debian
im interested in bying a lapton in order to use only debian sarge with the xorg 6.9 , and kernel 2.6.15 i have already downloaded ande tested in my desktop system.

after a big search on the internet about the intel 915GM and intel 945 graphics chipsets, i got a liitle bit confused wether the 3d acceleration is supported or not in linux.has to do with some specific driver from intel,has to do with some kernel module or with xorg???

if anyone has experiece with a laptop which has these graphics chips, i would be grateful if he shared his experience with me.

kilgoretrout 04-15-2006 06:53 AM

It has to do with the xorg version IIRC. I installed mandriva 2006 because it included support for those intel graphics chipsets but they used a development snapshot version of xorg to get that support. It worked fairly well and I had 3d acceleration out of the box but I did have trouble getting the acer laptop to work in its native resolution. The chipset graphics bios apparently misreports it's cababilities but there is a package called "915resolution" to correct that. I compiled it from source and hand configured it and it worked perfectly.
There may be a deb package for 915resolution; if not, it's pretty easy to setup. As for whether there is support for those intel graphics chipsets in the xorg version in debian sarge, you would have to research that but I tend to doubt it. In that case you would have to install your kernel source, download the driver from intel and compile the intel driver and edit your config files to use that driver. You would then probably have to deal with 915resolution to get your native laptop resolution working.
You may want to take a look at debian sid as they just added xorg 7.0. Wait a few weeks before doing that as there are problems being reported with it. Things will probably settle down by then. I believe xorg 7.0 should have good support for those intel graphics chipsets out of the box and you may no longer need the 915resolution.

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