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walterbyrd 09-19-2018 09:48 AM

MIYO cannot find local network
Trying MIYO and having mixed feelings.

1. Installation was borked, had to jump through some hoops to get it to install at all.

2. Awesome desktop is difficult to configure. You have to be to program in lua. IMO: IceWM would have been a better choice.

3. Temporarily lost my internet connection, because of comcast. Now MIYO will never find my local internet. I have tried rescanning, turning wifi off and back on, and rebooting. It will not find my local network.

I am about to wipe and try something else. MIYO is okay, but I'm not sure if it's ready for prime time.

michaelk 09-20-2018 05:37 AM

Well, from its web page Miyo is an acronym for "make it your own", a very minimal Linux OS based on Devuan which is a fork of debian.

For specific help you probably need to ask on their website.

FungalNet 11-06-2018 09:48 AM

Miyo has had many many editions for years, it is nothing new. For a long time it was all openbox, but the urge to minimize resources at desktop lead him to awesome. Other than this it is all devuan.
If I am not mistaken you are probably using wicd, which is notorious for misconfiguring itself, especially from the gui (wicd-gtk). It makes life a little easier with wifi, till you tell it to store and prefer a certain connection. It is also very unresponsive. It lags, it takes a while to feed back information, by that time you are trying something else (even if already connected). Make sure you have dhcpc/dhcpcd and wpa-supplicant and look up (anywhere) how to configure it (simple).
Get rid of wicd and your problems will end.
Also if it is running long name interface names and something changes wicd gets confused, like exchanging ethernet cards.
Add to your linux line (grub/lilo) net.ifnames=0 and you most probably get eth0 as your ethernet if and wlan0 for wifi name. Run # ip a after you boot to see what is up and whether it gets an address.
Also when you say "because of comcast" in an international forum, don't expect everyone to know what you mean. It is like someone in the UK saying "because of orange". Look up the board/threads for miyo in the devuan forum. I doubt you will find any networking problems reported, and you had a connection, which means your firmware was adequate.
Also the installer is refracta, something Debian couldn't do for decades, or didn't want to.

I know this advise may be late but it may help someone else.

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