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Abrocadabro 12-02-2004 06:20 PM

microphone not working
hi there:

i have just switched from FC2 to debian and right now everything went smooth so far, except that i had trouble getting my mic to work properly under debian.

i compiled the newest alsa modules into 2.6.9 kernel i took from without any patches, with ./configure --with-cards=intel8x0 --with-sequencer=yes; make; make install.

my sound works perfectly, i even happened to get multi channel mixing to work after a little bit of searching on the net. i enabled and maximised all volumn through alsamixer and some other apps which made me sure my mic is not muted.

no matter how i tried to get the micohone to work, it just doesn't get picked up by the system, can anyone please help?

mritch 12-03-2004 12:37 AM

i suggest using debian-patched kernels and the make-kpkg utils to compile it. however since everything else seem to work trouble might be somewhere other.

try to lowlevel record something:
$ or better
# dd bs=8k count=6 </dev/audio >


cat > /dev/dsp(audio)

be sure the "record" flag is set to the mic.

sl mritch.

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