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acidblue 07-23-2004 01:25 AM

make xconfig/make menuconfig don't work
Trying to recompile my kernel but when i type 'make xconfig or make menuconfig' i get an error message 'no rule to make xconfig'. I am logged in as root and I cd into /usr/src/linux/.
I aslo tried apt-get install tk8.2 make gcc bin86 libc6-dev kernel-package* Get an messgae saying package not available no installation candidate.

Need help fast, don't know what's wrong, why am i getting this message

td0l2 07-26-2004 03:28 AM

please read /usr/src/linux/CHANGE to get some information.

It is possible to install ncurse package so as to run "make menuconfig"

darkleaf 07-27-2004 07:36 AM

Try to apt libncurses5-dev I had a list somewhere with all the packages needed to upgrade the kernel from a base-install. If you need more I'll search it up

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