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M8ra1n 05-18-2006 02:22 PM

linux without harddisk

I have an old PC wit ASUS TX97-XE motherboard, and I want a Debian Sarge server on it.:rolleyes: There is fire hazard on the place so I decided to use a 1.0GB SD card for storage via USB connection.:scratch:
The motherboard doesnt support booting from the USB, so I wanted to use a boot floppy to start the box with GRUB.

I have installed the whole base system, but after the fisrt restart I cannot reach even the partition of the "disk"

Where I was wrong? During the install, the partitioning, or other elsewhere???
No Idea...

I apprecciate any help.



Brian1 05-18-2006 03:27 PM

Seen many post on similiar topic here. Anyways my thought on it is have you recompiled the kernel and added the needed modules for USB to work compiled into the kernel instead of as modules? I think once the kernel is built with all the needed items then it should be able to see the SD card on boot from the floppy with the new kernel on the floppy.

A quick search on google pointed me to this. It might help.


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