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grayFalcon 05-19-2005 02:47 PM

libpango - can I cheat it?
Hello everybody!

I'm looking for a way to cheat apt-get...
The problem I have is that, although many of my apps require libpango 1.8 (such as gimp or gkrellm), most of my apps (including those same that require libpango 1.8) won't run with 1.8, they'll just die with an error, something like "symbol g_assert_warning not defined". There's a simple solution to that: downgrade libpango to 1.6, and everything works like a charm. But if I want to install anything with dselect or directly with apt-get, apt-get starts bitching around about unmet dependancies, giving me a long list of packages that need libpango 1.8, not 1.6, and installs nothing. So I have to do "apt-get install -f" to upgrade to 1.8, then I can install the packages that I want to have, and then I have to downgrade libpango back to 1.6 to get my system working again.

Now, is there any way to make apt-get believe that I have libpango 1.8 installed, while in truth having 1.6?

By the way, is there _anything_ that really needs 1.8?

Thanks a lot in advance,

ToniT 05-27-2005 07:27 PM

Hmm.. gimp works fine with libpango 1.8 for me.

zuralin 05-28-2005 08:49 AM

Might want to try the libpango from unstable if your having problems. (if you aren't already)

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