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carlosinfl 02-17-2006 12:54 PM

ISO Images?
I was wondering if there are changes made to the ISO images we download from and if so how often?

To make my questions more clear, is an 100+MB net install ISO of "Etch" downloaded today identical in every way from the one I downloaded and burned to disk 3 months ago? It says they are daily builds so I don't really know what to make of that and the question I have above.


pljvaldez 02-17-2006 12:57 PM

I believe that prebuilt iso's are updated weekly for etch. I can't find where I read that, but it was somewhere on

carlosinfl 02-17-2006 01:05 PM

Can anyone else verify this info? Weekly sounds pretty good...

pljvaldez 02-17-2006 01:07 PM

At the bottom in an orange box: "(Snapshots of the "testing" and "unstable" distributions are created weekly.)"

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