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couf 09-28-2011 04:29 PM

iPod Touch Support on Debian Squeeze
Hello, I'd like to import the music off my iPod Touch onto Squeeze, is this supported? I'm relatively new to Linux but I don't mind getting technical if I have to.

kbp 09-28-2011 05:42 PM

There are several choices for syncing iPod's with Linux, you could try GtkPod to get started.

widget 09-28-2011 06:12 PM

I think, not sure, don't have any iWhatevers, rhythmbox is supposed to do that too.

k3lt01 09-29-2011 04:53 AM

As far as I know iPod touch isn't supported but for a definitive answer I would be checking, if I were you, the websites of things like Banshee, Rhythmbox, and GtkPod.

the trooper 09-29-2011 06:47 AM

The following link may be of use:

Amazing these search engines..........

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