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hkhiroya 05-23-2006 03:18 AM

invalid gzip magic (tar.gz file)
i have managed to get bluetooth files on my single board computer using wget but i cannot untar them as they give the following error:

Invalid gzip magic

i used the command: tar -zxvf bluez-libs-2.25.tar.gz

is there a another possible way of untarring the files and installing them? or am i doing something wrong?

help will be appreciated

IBall 05-23-2006 03:57 AM

Try unzipping using "gunzip bluez-libs-2.25.tar.gz" which will leave you with a tar file. You can then untar, using "tar -xvf bluez-libs-2.25.tar".

If the gunzip fails, are you sure that it is a GZip file? It could be bzip2. Use "file bluez-libs-2.25.tar.gz" to find out.

Alternatively, the file could be corrupted. Normally, there is a file called MD5SUM in the directory where you got the tarball from. Compare the value in this file with "md5sum bluez-libs-2.25.tar.gz" and make sure that they match. If not, then the download was corrupted and you need to redownload.

What distro are you using? It may be easier to install bluez using apt-get. I know that it is in the Debian Sarge repositories.

I hope this helps

sridhar11 05-23-2006 07:35 AM

Just use UNP package to unpack most of the files ext Read Here

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