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squirellplaying 06-13-2004 05:36 PM

Installing Base System Error
I'm trying to install debian on an old computer. Just a basic system. And while installing the base system I get the following error:

debootstrap exited with an error(returned value 1)
Then I get taken to the option screen. The Next item is Install Base System and the alternative is Edit Kernal Boot Parameters.

How can I fix this error to install debian?

wrat 06-13-2004 09:57 PM

are all the components functional?? bad sectors on the hard drive??

Dead Parrot 06-14-2004 06:00 AM


I'm trying to install debian on an old computer.
What installer are you using (the Woody installer or a Sarge beta installer)? Also provide some more information on the "old computer" (what processor type, amount of RAM, etc.).

It's possible that your hardware is not supported by the installer you're using.

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