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haziz 01-04-2012 07:28 AM

Installation of Just Clang/LLVM Documentation?
How do I install just the documentation and man pages of Clang and LLVM? I compiled the current version from source, based on the source from the LLVM website and it works fine but since it is a local self-contained repository (it can run from your home directory assuming you have it's bin subdirectory in your path) it does not install the man pages or documentation. I uninstalled the Debian Squeeze package of Clang/LLVM to avoid any possible conflicts but this also removed the Clang man pages. How do I install just the man pages and documentation. I am OK if the man pages are technically from a couple of versions back compared to the installed compiler if necessary.


radiodee1 01-08-2012 04:18 AM

there is a package called 'llvm-2.8-doc' in wheezy. The description says that it has extensive documentation, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the man page is in there. Actually I looked in the included files list and the man pages aren't there. There is a lot of stuff, though, and you may find that there is enough for you.

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