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kaz2100 11-16-2009 06:52 AM

install 64bit (using 32bit) Debian squeeze.

I thought it would be easier, but maybe not.

Make my squeeze Penguin (32 bit) dual boot with 64bit squeeze.

1st attempt. (fail)
Using USB stick, install 64bit onto new partition. -> I cannot find 64bit boot.img.gz (hd-media directory is missing.)

2nd attempt.(fail)
Using existing HD partition, boot into 64bit vmlinuz and initrd using lilo. -> lilo chokes, kernel size too big.

3rd attempt. (I have not figured out how to)
compile 64bit bzImage on 32bit squeeze. (I do not see any option -make menuconfig.)

4th attempt. (I do not know the result yet.)
Come here and ask.

I am sure that somebody has done this. Part of my problems include that squeeze penguin does not have optical drive and that no grub (elilo) installed.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


kaz2100 11-16-2009 08:09 PM


I think I was totally off track.

1. Just because CPU has intel logo on, I was confident that IA64 is the one I need. However, IA64 is designed for Itanium, I should go to AMD64, (my Penguin has EMT64 chip.)

So, I do have an access to USB stick image.

2. I should have sought the way to "cross compile kernel", instead of kernel options.

Happy Penguins!

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