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stardustdk 04-27-2011 02:54 AM

Have to press the "F5" button all the time
Hey all.

I am running Squeeze on a thinkpad R61.

Both on deskton screen and ie. the iceweasel I all the time have to hit the "F5" button to use my laptop :(.

The problem: At any point on the screen the mouse get all the area active from that point.

How to disable that?

Had to hit the "F5" button several times to write this. And hit "Crtl+Z" to finish the writing, because of the text disappears.... (But can get the text back with "Crtl+Z") ?!:mad:

alan_ri 04-27-2011 01:21 PM

Will you try to explain your problem a little better? If possible add some screenshots.

What mouse you're using and how old is the laptop?

stardustdk 04-28-2011 01:05 PM

Itī is not an Old Lenovo Thinkpad R61.

When I put the mouse at any point, that is point X1,Y1.

Then I move the courser to point X2,Y2. That is on the desktop or any program.

Everything in that square becomes active :(. NOT anything i wish...

Best regards


alan_ri 04-28-2011 02:33 PM

I can't understand you. What does "becomes active" mean? What exactly is F5 doing on your laptop?
Have you tried to configure the mouse? And again, add a screenshot if possible.

stardustdk 04-29-2011 04:27 AM

F5 button
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Here is the picture.

I have just reinstalled a fresh Debian Squeeze. All that is installed after installation is security updates.

Any idea?


zhjim 04-29-2011 04:31 AM

Did not look at the screenshot in full so I might be just plain wrong what I wrote under the edit

To me this looks like a button is stuck. Propably the right one for marking stuff. Or some real wired setup what I doubt if its a fresh install. Try another mouse or if your using the touchpad just slightly hit the pad to unstuck it. I had the same going with a laptop of mine. It always thought I was pushing it down and so marked everything while I moved the cursor.

alan_ri 04-29-2011 06:32 AM

I've searched a little. It's interesting. It looks like it's a bug. I don't have this problem but I will surely look deeper into this, in the meantime read this thread on Linux Mint Forums and see if it can help you;

Bug on the Launchpad;

stardustdk 04-30-2011 10:53 AM

Problem found: It is my Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse that caused the problems. That's a first of that kind of a problem, and with a Logitech mouse?!

But thanks for your suggestions.

Best regards


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