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mariogarcia 01-29-2010 04:25 AM

gnome volume manager and aumount not working after update
Hello all
I have had a debian squeeze installation doing pretty well, then I was forced to do an apt-get upgrade and then things aren't the same;

also i have installed a fresh installation in a new computer of debian testing..

and the issue is the following: it is impossible to automount the connected disk (whether they are internal or external). before all the disk where mounted in /media/(disk_label) as soon as they were connected. now to mount it ask me a root password which wasn't the case before; and it mounts on media with some soort of alphanumeric string that means nothing (probably the id from HAL) and has nothing to do with the volume label.

i check the system properties removable drives and media and the disk aren't avaliable there, only cameras, pda, printer and scanners and input devices

my user is member of plugdev group...

what i would like is to have the drives connected to the computer internal or external to be mounted automatically and that i can as a user 'non_root' write to them.

thank you very much in advance.

Mario Garcia.

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