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FLCL 07-16-2012 03:11 AM

Gnome and XFCE both loading. How to fix?
*Debian squeeze*

The problem is, I login via console, startx, and XFCE loads, and then immediately gnome loads on top of it for reasons I can't figure out. I can't access any XFCE settings, only what the default debian desktop menu's provide. It looks like it's trying to load the default desktop environment that you get under root.

The main gnome packages for desktop environment aren't installed so I'm confused.

I was trying to figure out where cairo dock is automatically launching from(not startup sessions in XFCE) and edited a couple config files, and the next day I rebooted to find this problem. I don't recall editing anything regarding XFCE though.
This is what the problem looks like:
Before the problem:

It's like it's trying to load 2 different sessions at once,
Can anyone please help me figure this out?

cynwulf 07-16-2012 04:33 AM

Post outputs


$ aptitude search ~ignome

$ cat ~/.xinitrc

# update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

# update-alternatives --config x-window-manager

FLCL 07-17-2012 02:02 AM


Originally Posted by caravel (Post 4729277)
Post outputs


$ aptitude search ~ignome

i  cairo-dock-gnome-integration-pl - Cairo-dock - GNOME integration Plug-in   
i A compiz-gnome                    - OpenGL window and compositing manager - GN
i  gnome-applets-data              - Various applets for the GNOME panel - data
i A gnome-doc-utils                - a collection of documentation utilities fo
i  gnome-icon-theme                - GNOME Desktop icon theme                 
i  gnome-menus                    - an implementation of the freedesktop menu
id  gnome-mime-data                - base MIME and Application database for GNO
i  gnome-panel-data                - common files for the GNOME Panel         
i  gnome-system-monitor            - Process viewer and system resource monitor
i A gnome-terminal                  - The GNOME terminal emulator application 
i A gnome-terminal-data            - Data files for the GNOME terminal emulator
i A gnome-user-guide                - GNOME user's guide                       
i  gnome-utils-common              - data files for the GNOME utilities       
i  libgnome-bluetooth7            - GNOME Bluetooth tools - support library 
i A libgnome-desktop-2-17          - Utility library for loading .desktop files
i A libgnome-keyring0              - GNOME keyring services library           
i A libgnome-menu2                  - an implementation of the freedesktop menu
i A libgnome-window-settings1      - Utility library for getting window manager
i  libgnome2-canvas-perl          - Perl interface to the GNOME canvas library
i  libgnome2-common                - The GNOME library - common files         
i  libgnomecanvas2-0              - A powerful object-oriented display - runti
i  libgnomecanvas2-common          - A powerful object-oriented display - commo
i  libgnomekbd-common              - GNOME library to manage keyboard configura
i  libgnomekbd4                    - GNOME library to manage keyboard configura
id  libgnomeui-common              - The GNOME libraries (User Interface) - com
i  libpam-gnome-keyring            - PAM module to unlock the GNOME keyring upo
i A libsoup-gnome2.4-1              - an HTTP library implementation in C -- GNO
i A policykit-1-gnome              - GNOME authentication agent for PolicyKit-1
i  python-gnomedesktop            - Python bindings for the GNOME desktop libr
i  python-gnomekeyring            - Python bindings for the GNOME keyring libr


$ cat ~/.xinitrc

exec ck-launch-session startxfce4

# update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

There is only one alternative in link group x-session-manager: /usr/bin/xfce4-session
Nothing to configure.


# update-alternatives --config x-window-manager


There are 2 choices for the alternative x-window-manager (providing /usr/bin/x-window-manager).

  Selection    Path              Priority  Status
* 0            /usr/bin/metacity  60        auto mode
  1            /usr/bin/metacity  60        manual mode
  2            /usr/bin/xfwm4      60        manual mode

Press enter to keep the current choice[*], or type selection number:

The metacity is an Emerald theme. Also when I logged in, my home folder was automatically opened up in about 5 separate windows
Thanks for the help!

cynwulf 07-17-2012 04:53 AM

metacity is not an emerald theme, it is gnome 2's window manager. You are in effect running a very minimal gnome with xfce's session manager - hence a combination of the two.

The .xinitrc is pointless, remove it or comment out that line by editing the file as follows.


#exec ck-launch-session startxfce4
Then as root do


# update-alternatives --config x-window-manager
And select option 2 (xfwm4).

Or if you


# aptitude purge metacity
You should get the same result.

You will be back running Xfce4 again. If it's compiz you are trying to get working, you don't need to install metacity itself for that.

FLCL 07-22-2012 03:23 AM

Thank you very much! That solved it :)

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