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mithereal 11-10-2005 02:05 AM

well i installed proftpd and it works fine for local only users across the net (remote) cannot connect or they connect but it just hangs and times out w/o askin for login info. i have a hardware firewall but ive alloewed both udp and tcp and still nada. also i tried vsftp and i can login remotely but when i pwd xpwd ls or use ne command it disconnects. pure-ftpd doesnt work at all. ne suggestions

nx5000 11-10-2005 03:57 AM

There are 2 communication channels in FTP. The CMD channel (usually on port 21) and the DATA channel.

The Data Channel can be configured in two ways : Passive or Active , mainly for security purposes.

When you login, you use only the CMD channel. If this does not work, it means that you have not well configured your PORT 21 inbound.
If the login does not show, it can also be a DNS problem (your server is trying to get your machine name , corresponding to the IP), but it should try for 30s or 1mn maximum. If after 1mn you have nothing, then check your firewall

When you ls, you send the cmd by the CMD channel and the server responds on the DATA channel.

If the first (login) does work, but not the latter (ls), then you have to open specific ports (depending on Active/Passive mode of your ftp server/client).

For active/passive FTP:

ps: udp is not used for ftp

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