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jrmann1999 08-04-2004 01:08 PM

Are there any debs for freedesktop(xorg) yet?

sterrenkijker 08-05-2004 03:29 AM

No: because Sarge will be released soon, Debian hasn't switched to yet, they can't afford such a big switch just before a release (I've heard this is the reason). Debian still uses XFree86 4.3.0, which doesn't have the license problem. Debian will probably switch when Sarge is released.

kidicarus 08-06-2004 02:07 PM

I upgraded to manually on my redhat 7.3 machine and it wasn't that difficult. However with debian I don't want to break any package dependencies so I'm going to continue using whatever they provide. I'd do it manually if you have to have it.

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