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rickh 10-20-2006 10:28 AM

Filezilla is now in Sid
One of my fondest memories of Windows is the free FTP client, Filezilla. gftp works fine, but it's interface is not as appealing to me. I just installed it, set up a local filter to eliminate hidden files, and transferred a couple files within my network with no problems. A quality "free" program without a Linux port is like a ship lost at sea. Glad to have this one in the harbor.

An unrelated note ... gnome-mount is also there. Slicker mounting of devices with no desktop icon.

diilbert 10-21-2006 08:30 AM

I am also a fan of Filezilla... I always thought it was windows only. Although it is written with wxWidgets, which is cross platform. So I should have known better ;)

rickh 10-21-2006 08:57 AM


I always thought it was windows only.
For whatever reason, until now, that has been the case.

SweetLou 10-22-2006 08:10 PM

I am glad they are making it for Linux now. Funny thing is that I just installed into etch about an half an hour before reading this post.

Having it in Sid is just great news. Once FileZilla is out of beta will be better news.

rickh 10-22-2006 08:59 PM

No bugs filed against it so far, and it's been built against all 11 architectures ... May well be in Etch in a week or so.

sleepyEDB 10-23-2006 08:22 AM

sweeeeeeeeet! :D


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