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Artik 06-27-2005 03:27 PM

Eclipse IDE

I want to install Eclipse IDE...

It is avialable in unstable repository however it includes only 'SDK+Platform"

Where and How do I get C/C++ development tools - at official site it tells that you need CDT for C/C++ develpment...

Is it avalible from apt-get or...

How do I install it?

Mega Man X 06-27-2005 04:18 PM


I'd recommend you to do it manually. If you have Java SDK installed, Eclipse should install without a problem. Get this binary:

unzip and run the installer with "<./installer name>". It's graphical and easy to follow.

To install C++ plugins (and any other plugin for that matter) is quite simple. It's just a matter of adding a Link to your "update manager" and you are ready to roll. Here is how you do it:

Eclipse really rocks ^_^

kostian 06-27-2005 04:32 PM

eclipse in debian is quite old. you might want to download the latest version it requires no installation, just unzip and run. then you can either use the help > software updates or download a zip archive and extract it in the same folder with eclipse.

EDIT: damn, Im a reaaaally slowtyper, sorry :)

Artik 06-27-2005 11:38 PM


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