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dpkg --set-selection package install status question

On my Debian (etch) stable I did this:

apt-get update
dpkg --set-selection < packages.txt
dselect update
Here are the contents of packages.txt
adduser						install
alsa-base					install
apt						install
apt-show-versions				install
apt-utils					install
aptitude					install
autofs						install
base-files					install
base-passwd					install
bash						install
bc						install
belocs-locales-bin				install
belocs-locales-data				install
binutils					install
bison						install
bsdmainutils					install
bsdutils					install
bug-buddy					install
busybox						install
bzip2						install
capplets-data					install
coreutils					install
cpio						install
cpp						install
cpp-4.1						install
cron						install
dash						install
dc						install
debconf						install
debconf-i18n					install
debfoster					install
debian-archive-keyring				install
debianutils					install
deborphan					install
defoma						install
desktop-file-utils				install
dhcp3-client					install
dhcp3-common					install
dialog						install
diff						install
dmidecode					install
docbook-xml					install
dpkg						install
dselect						install
e2fslibs					install
e2fsprogs					install
ed						install
eject						install
eog						install
esound						install
esound-common					install
fdutils						install
file						install
findutils					install
flex						install
fontconfig					install
fontconfig-config				install
freeglut3					install
ftp						install
gcc						install
gcc-4.1						install
gcc-4.1-base					install
gconf2						install
gconf2-common					install
gdb						install
gdm						install
gedit						install
gedit-common					install
gettext-base					install
gksu						install
gnome-about					install
gnome-applets					install
gnome-applets-data				install
gnome-audio					install
gnome-control-center				install
gnome-core					install
gnome-desktop-data				install
gnome-doc-utils					install
gnome-icon-theme				install
gnome-keyring					install
gnome-media					install
gnome-media-common				install
gnome-menus					install
gnome-mime-data					install
gnome-panel					install
gnome-panel-data				install
gnome-session					install
gnome-system-tools				install
gnome-terminal					install
gnome-terminal-data				install
gnome-utils					install
gnupg						install
gpgv						install
grep						install
groff-base					install
grub						install
gstreamer0.10-alsa				install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base			install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good			install
gzip						install
hdparm						install
hicolor-icon-theme				install
hostname					install
hwinfo						install
iceape-browser					install
ifupdown					install
info						install
initramfs-tools					install
initscripts					install
iputils-ping					install
klibc-utils					install
klogd						install
laptop-detect					install
less						install
libaa1						install
libacl1						install
libapm1						install
libapt-pkg-perl					install
libart-2.0-2					install
libasound2					install
libaspell15					install
libatk1.0-0					install
libattr1					install
libaudiofile0					install
libavahi-client3				install
libavahi-common-data				install
libavahi-common3				install
libavahi-glib1					install
libavc1394-0					install
libblkid1					install
libbonobo2-0					install
libbonobo2-common				install
libbonoboui2-0					install
libbonoboui2-common				install
libbz2-1.0					install
libc6						install
libc6-dev					install
libcaca0					install
libcairo2					install
libcamel1.2-8					install
libcap1						install
libcdio6					install
libcdparanoia0					install
libcomerr2					install
libcroco3					install
libcucul0					install
libcupsys2					install
libdb4.2					install
libdb4.3					install
libdb4.4					install
libdbus-1-3					install
libdbus-glib-1-2				install
libdevmapper1.02				install
libdirectfb-0.9-25				install
libdirectfb-extra				install
libdmx1						install
libdrm2						install
libdv4						install
libebook1.2-5					install
libecal1.2-6					install
libedataserver1.2-7				install
libedataserverui1.2-6				install
libedit2					install
libeel2-2.14					install
libeel2-data					install
libesd0						install
libexif12					install
libexpat1					install
libfam0						install
libflac7					install
libfontconfig1					install
libfontenc1					install
libfreetype6					install
libfs6						install
libgail-common					install
libgail17					install
libgcc1						install
libgconf2-4					install
libgcrypt11					install
libgdbm3					install
libgksu2-0					install
libgl1-mesa-glx					install
libglade2-0					install
libglib1.2					install
libglib2.0-0					install
libglu1-mesa					install
libglu1-xorg					install
libgnome-desktop-2				install
libgnome-keyring0				install
libgnome-media0					install
libgnome-menu2					install
libgnome-window-settings1			install
libgnome2-0					install
libgnome2-common				install
libgnomecanvas2-0				install
libgnomecanvas2-common				install
libgnomecups1.0-1				install
libgnomeprint2.2-0				install
libgnomeprint2.2-data				install
libgnomeprintui2.2-0				install
libgnomeprintui2.2-common			install
libgnomeui-0					install
libgnomeui-common				install
libgnomevfs2-0					install
libgnomevfs2-common				install
libgnomevfs2-extra				install
libgnutls13					install
libgpg-error0					install
libgpmg1					install
libgsf-1-114					install
libgsf-1-common					install
libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0			install
libgstreamer0.10-0				install
libgtk1.2					install
libgtk1.2-common				install
libgtk2.0-0					install
libgtk2.0-bin					install
libgtk2.0-common				install
libgtksourceview-common				install
libgtksourceview1.0-0				install
libgtop2-7					install
libgtop2-common					install
libgucharmap4					install
libhal-storage1					install
libhal1						install
libhd13						install
libice6						install
libidl0						install
libiec61883-0					install
libiw28						install
libjpeg62					install
libklibc					install
libkrb53					install
liblcms1					install
libldap2					install
liblocale-gettext-perl				install
liblockfile1					install
liblzo1						install
libmagic1					install
libmetacity0					install
libmikmod2					install
libmozjs0d					install
libmyspell3c2					install
libnautilus-burn3				install
libnautilus-extension1				install
libncurses5					install
libncursesw5					install
libnewt0.52					install
libnotify1					install
libnspr4-0d					install
libnss3-0d					install
libogg0						install
liboil0.3					install
libopencdk8					install
liborbit2					install
libpam-modules					install
libpam-runtime					install
libpam0g					install
libpanel-applet2-0				install
libpango1.0-0					install
libpango1.0-common				install
libpci2						install
libpng12-0					install
libpopt0					install
libraw1394-8					install
libreadline5					install
librsvg2-2					install
librsvg2-common					install
libsasl2-2					install
libscrollkeeper0				install
libselinux1					install
libsensors4					install
libsepol1					install
libshout3					install
libsigc++-2.0-0c2a				install
libslang2					install
libsm6						install
libsmbclient					install
libspeex1					install
libsplashy1					install
libss2						install
libssl0.9.8					install
libssp0						install
libstartup-notification0			install
libstdc++6					install
libsysfs2					install
libtag1c2a					install
libtasn1-3					install
libtext-charwidth-perl				install
libtext-iconv-perl				install
libtext-wrapi18n-perl				install
libtheora0					install
libtiff4					install
libtotem-plparser1				install
libusb-0.1-4					install
libuuid1					install
libvisual-0.4-0					install
libvolume-id0					install
libvorbis0a					install
libvorbisenc2					install
libvorbisfile3					install
libvte-common					install
libvte4						install
libwnck-common					install
libwnck18					install
libwrap0					install
libx11-6					install
libx11-data					install
libxau6						install
libxaw7						install
libxcursor1					install
libxdamage1					install
libxdmcp6					install
libxext6					install
libxfixes3					install
libxfont1					install
libxft2						install
libxi6						install
libxinerama1					install
libxkbfile1					install
libxklavier10					install
libxml2						install
libxml2-utils					install
libxmu6						install
libxmuu1					install
libxpm4						install
libxrandr2					install
libxrender1					install
libxres1					install
libxslt1.1					install
libxss1						install
libxt6						install
libxtrap6					install
libxtst6					install
libxul-common					install
libxul0d					install
libxv1						install
libxxf86dga1					install
libxxf86misc1					install
libxxf86vm1					install
links						install
linux-image-2.6.25-5-rc2			install
linux-kernel-headers				install
linux-sound-base				install
lm-sensors					install
localepurge					install
lockfile-progs					install
login						install
logrotate					install
lsb-base					install
lsof						install
m4						install
make						install
makedev						install
man-db						install
manpages					install
mawk						install
mdetect						install
menu-xdg					install
mesa-utils					install
metacity					install
metacity-common					install
mime-support					install
minicom						install
mktemp						install
module-init-tools				install
modutils					install
mount						install
nano						install
nautilus					install
nautilus-data					install
ncurses-base					install
ncurses-bin					install
net-tools					install
netbase						install
netcat						install
nvi						install
openbsd-inetd					install
openssh-blacklist				install
openssh-client					install
openssh-server					install
passwd						install
pciutils					install
pcmciautils					install
perl						install
perl-base					install
perl-modules					install
pmount						install
powermgmt-base					install
procps						install
psmisc						install
python						install
python-cairo					install
python-central					install
python-glade2					install
python-gmenu					install
python-gnome2-desktop				install
python-gtk2					install
python-libxml2					install
python-minimal					install
python-numeric					install
python-pyorbit					install
python-support					install
python2.4					install
python2.4-minimal				install
readline-common					install
scrollkeeper					install
sed						install
setserial					install
sgml-base					install
sgml-data					install
shared-mime-info				install
splashy						install
sudo						install
sysklogd					install
system-tools-backends				install
sysv-rc						install
sysvinit					install
sysvinit-utils					install
tar						install
tcpd						install
telnet						install
ttf-dejavu					install
tzdata						install
ucf						install
udev						install
update-inetd					install
usbmount					install
usbutils					install
usbview						install
util-linux					install
vino						install
wget						install
whiptail					install
wireless-tools					install
x11-common					install
xbase-clients					install
xengine						install
xfonts-base					install
xfonts-encodings				install
xfonts-utils					install
xkb-data					install
xml-core					install
xmms						install
xserver-xorg					install
xserver-xorg-core				install
xserver-xorg-input-all				install
xserver-xorg-input-evdev			install
xserver-xorg-input-kbd				install
xserver-xorg-input-mouse			install
xserver-xorg-input-synaptics			install
xserver-xorg-input-wacom			install
xserver-xorg-video-dummy			install
xserver-xorg-video-fbdev			install
xserver-xorg-video-v4l				install
xserver-xorg-video-vesa				install
xserver-xorg-video-vga				install
xserver-xorg-video-via				install
xserver-xorg-video-vmware			install
xserver-xorg-video-voodoo			install
xsltproc					install
yelp						install
zlib1g						install
Now when I do:
apt-get dselect-upgrade
It does the following:
Building dependency tree... Done
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  at aumix cramfsprogs desktop-base discover discover-data docbook-dsssl exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light gnome-doc-tools initrd-tools libdiscover2 libosp5
  libostyle1c2 libpcre3 mailx mozilla-browser ntp openjade pcmcia-cs sharutils ssh ttf-bitstream-vera xbitmaps xcursor-themes xscreensaver
0 upgraded, 27 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 13.3MB of archives.
After unpacking 38.7MB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]?
Why is apt-get trying to install the above packages even though they are not present in the packages.txt file. Looks like there is a place somewhere where I still need to remove those above packages from dselect/apt-get memory?
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Did you make a typo while the command is "dpkg --set-selections"?
"dselect update" also updates apt-gets database, so apt-get update can be replaced by that.
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Originally Posted by makuyl View Post
Did you make a typo while the command is "dpkg --set-selections"?
"dselect update" also updates apt-gets database, so apt-get update can be replaced by that.
I found the solution just in case anyone is interested:

You have to give

dpkg --clear-selections before you give
dpkg --set-selections < packages

From man dpkg
dpkg --clear-selections
              Set the requested state of every non-essential package to deinstall.  This is intended to be used immediately before --set-selections, to deinstall  any  packÔ[m
              ages not in list given to --set-selections.


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