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Sputnikc 10-30-2008 05:22 AM

DNS - resolvconf with vpn problem
I'll try to explain my situation.

I'm at my home network with a router ( using iptables and dnsmasq running debian stable
My clients are running debian testing.

On my client i have running eth2 (lan-device) which uses the router as dns and a tun0 device wich is a openvpn connection to my work.
I use resolvconf to add the dns and domain of my work to /etc/resolv.conf .

Now when i have the tun0 device not active (vpn is not up) i can ping internally to "router" but when i have the vpn up (tun0) and the dns addes to my /etc/resolv.conf by resolvconf, the it tries to resolv my "router" by the dns of the vpn connection.

When i change the interface-order setting of resolvconf i can manage to ping locally but then the VPN dns isn't working.
Is there any way to get this right using my setup?
so that i can use local dns fine (hostnames) and dns for work fine without having to switch off and on the vpn all the times (very usefull for my imap mail over vpn.)


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