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craftybytes 11-11-2006 07:54 PM

/dev & /udev and cdrom / dvd drives
Hi all,

I know that this post should probably be in the MEPIS distro forum so please don't flame me.!!! :tisk:
I feel this forum may be more productive with the answers...:D

Running SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 (kernel 2.6.15-1-586tsc) - Debian based.

Machine setup:
ASRock VIA M/B - AMD Athlon 1800Mhz CPU - 768MB DDR Ram
1 x 20GB HDD (hda) - 1 x 80GB HDD (hdb) - 1 x BENQ cdrom/cdrw (hdc)
1 x SAMSUNG dvd/dvdrw (hdd) - BENQ 17" LCD monitor.

I can read cd's in both cdrom (hdc) & dvd (hdd) drives & dvd's in dvd (hdd)
drive - no problems!!!

PROBLEM: with current system config cd's can only be burned using the dvd (hdd)
drive - not the cdrw (hdc) drive! :cry:

QUESTION: How can I change the system config to allow burning of cd's in the proper cdrw
(hdc) drive AS WELL AS in the dvdrw/cdrw (hdd) drive if I choose to? :scratch:

Current setup in /dev :

LINKS:- cdrom --> hdd
cdrw --> hdd
dvd --> hdd
dvdrw --> hdd

Block Devices:- hda (hda1)
hdb (hdb1 - hdb2 - hdb3 - hdb4)

Current setup in /dev/.udev/db :

block@hdc = E:ID_PATH=pci-0000:00:11.1-ide-1:0

block@hdd = E:ID_PATH=pci-0000:00:11.1-ide-1:1

Current setup in /dev/.static/dev :

cdrom link to /dev/scd0 (Unknown)
cdrom1 link to /dev/scd1 (Unknown)
dvd link to /dev/cdrom (Block Device)


Using cdrecord, mkisofs & growisofs with K3B to burn cd's & dvd's as appropriate.


Kernel 2.6 note:
Cdrecord is easier to use!
SCSI emulation for ATAPI IDE CD burners is no longer used for kernel 2.6
If you are using 2.6 and later, use dev=/dev/hdx where 'x' is the letter of your cdburner location.


I have 2 x drives that are 'capable' of burning cd's but only 1 x that is actually configured in MEPIS (Debian) -
would very much like to have the option of 'choosing' which drive to use when I want to burn a cd - not have it forced on me. :mad:

Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated.



b0uncer 11-12-2006 12:54 PM

I think all the "burning tools" like cdrecord and k3b do let you pick up the device which you'll use for burning. Just pick up the correct device before burning, and it should be ok; if it's about user permissions, at least k3b lets you alter the permissions so that you can run it as user and do the job.

In k3b check out the settings dialog from the menus. And cdrecord...well,

man cdrecord

cdrecord --help
hould provide you with the information. Use the /dev/hdc or /dev/hdd as the devices, you don't need to use the symlinks unless you want to.

craftybytes 11-12-2006 06:02 PM

Hi bOuncer!!
Thanks for the reply... I have already looked at the relevant 'man' pages for both cdrecord & k3b AS WELL AS used both to try to burn a cd - works ok to hdd (dvdrw drive) but not to hdc (cdrw drive) - even if I try to force it via 'options' in cdrecord (command line) or k3b - still only defaults to hdd (dvdrw drive).

That's why I posted here with as much info as I could - as I think the prob lies in the 'links' in /dev and /dev/.static/dev : cdrom / cdrw & cdrom / cdrom1.... The DEBIAN kernel 2.6 note - advises that SCSI emulation is not required anymore if using 2.6.xx kernels - BUT MAYBE - for me to get this prob sorted I may have to revert to using SCSI emulation as a work-around - haven't tried it yet - thought there may have been a solution thru these forums instead..

Thanks anyway..

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