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furtivefelon 02-27-2005 09:43 PM

debian's hardware probe compares to knoppix
hi, apparently knoppix is based on debian, so i thought since it's hardware probe is soooo good, is debian same? since Fedora can't detect my sound and vid correctly, but knoppix can, so i thought i'd give debian a try :D

one more thing, is the knowledge i learnt on debian transferrable to fedora core? since my soon-to-be dedicated virtual server is going to be running on FC3, and i want to learn linux, so i thought i'd ask that questions :D

thanks alot :D

Matir 02-27-2005 10:35 PM

Most of the knowledge will transfer. Some file locations may differ and so forth, but I've worked with a half dozen distributions and I feel 95% is the same.

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