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rvijay 02-21-2005 04:29 PM

Debian Vs. Knoppix Installer.
It seems that Knoppix makes Debian HD install very easy/convenient. Is this true ? How do you compare a Knoppix HD install to a Debian install from scratch from Debian Cds ?

When installing Knoppix to HD, does one ahve the choice to avoid programs/groups of programs that they don't want or does it install everything ?


Vijay :Pengy:

IsaacKuo 02-21-2005 05:09 PM

Knoppix is VERY EASY to install. Debian Sarge is pretty easy to install, but it involves more choices and takes longer. Plus, you can actually use Knoppix while installing it.

The biggest tradeoff between the two is:

Pros: Easy to install, and a LOT of useful software already configured
Cons: Impossible to maintain. You'll have to scrap your install sooner or later, because Knoppix just can't take a full dist-upgrade without breaking.

Debian Sarge:
Pros: Good for the long haul; maintainable more or less indefinitely with regular updates
Cons: Not quite as easy to install, and a LOT of useful software is NOT installed or configured.

I recommend a Knoppix variant for a newbie, but not necessarily Knoppix itself. Mepis and Kanotix seem to be the most popular Knoppix variants right now.

I recommend Debian Sarge for after you get sick of not being current enough to install new software. By then, it's time to scrap your Knoppix variant install in favor of something more maintainable. You'll have a bit of a learning curve installing/configuring software which you've gotten used to, but this is a lot easier than jumping in at the deep end from the start!

rvijay 02-21-2005 05:57 PM

Great post, helpful response thanks.


ironwalker 02-21-2005 06:20 PM

Try mepis or even better kanotix.

Kanotix I do know will give 3 options on there installer;
debian like (reccomended)
beginner most hardware detection
copy image of cd

Its not a mixed system like knoppix,its soley based on "sid", unstable and its quite stable.
If you do not want unstable you can just downgrade to sarge simply by editing the sources.list.

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