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joboy 06-20-2017 02:38 AM

Debian hit and miss
I always struggle between pure Debian and Mint Debian mainly due to one reason, the user friendliness. On Debian there is no GUI frontend for some often used applications such as printer setting, language settings, and without a software manager like on the Mint. I checked and couldn't find a replacement for the "primitive" Synaptic, I know it is a powerful tool, but quite inconvenient to install multiple apps at a time when compare with the Mint one, I wonder why after all these years nothing has changed, it is just a GUI frontend ? beside that, some useful little tools such as USB formatter/image writer also missing.

On the otherhand, Mint Debian is highly polished and bug fix version of the original Debian, most applications run without hiccup, and the updater will give warning if something would break during update, allow user a second thought.

Any comment ?

Shadow_7 06-20-2017 03:25 AM

Well, there's tasksel if you want a bloated experience from the get go. Although I partially agree in that the just enough-ness of debian isn't something I install for anybody other than myself. But I was stuck on dialup probably a decade longer than I should have been. And other annoyances that disqualify every other distro except debian.

descendant_command 06-20-2017 04:25 AM

So use Mint and be happy.
You can have all that cruft in Debian too if you want, but thankfully, those that don't can also avoid it.

jamison20000e 06-20-2017 07:14 AM

Depends on the DE\WM or if you can add the GUI's you seek to your choice... best yet: &c. :hattip:

jamison20000e 06-20-2017 07:29 AM

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I have a GUI to everything you mentioned under KDE\Gnome and adding some stuff is likely needed in Debian eg: Attachment 25286

if a user needs microcoughed-losedough$ or Mint\Ubuntu|* they should be paying someone to do certain things for them or just put your credit card here: ______________ __\__ ___. :p

joboy 06-23-2017 04:51 AM

Just now I reinstall Stretch and got error while updating :

Reading package lists... Done
W: The repository ' stretch/updates Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Is it only me ?

jamison20000e 06-23-2017 07:13 AM

Go into Synaptic > settings > repositories > other sources or /etc/apt/sources.list and remove conflicting...

Shadow_7 06-24-2017 01:27 AM

E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]

Sometimes the servers get bogged down. Try again in five minutes (or 30). Or change that to to "choose" a mirror instead of In /etc/apt/sources.list

jamison20000e 06-24-2017 06:41 AM

As long as the networking is up this page n links may help?:

273 06-24-2017 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by descendant_command (Post 5724709)
So use Mint and be happy.
You can have all that cruft in Debian too if you want, but thankfully, those that don't can also avoid it.

This. Ubuntu and Mint exist so Debian doesn't have to add cruft. I actually run Debian because the fancy GUI front ends on Ubuntu and Mint tended to make things more difficult so I realised I didn't need them and switched. Plus, even I who like to try new applications, tools and settings all the time don't spend all my time installing Debian, setting up printing and WiFi and then installing lots of applications at once (if I did I'd still rather use the command line but that's another story).

jamison20000e 06-24-2017 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by 273 (Post 5726611)
... Ubuntu and Mint tended to make things more difficult ...

That's how I feel about Gnome and\or so :newbie:s can't brake as much... :D

frankbell 06-24-2017 08:18 PM

I would consider http://localhost:631 a graphical interface for printers, and it's distro independent.

Just my two cents.

ChuangTzu 06-27-2017 01:32 PM


apt install system-config-printer
or what frank said

jamison20000e 06-27-2017 02:09 PM

My roommate has a wifi printer, half the time it works here in KDE stretch/sid the other half I just login to Gnome... not that I ever want to or print! :doh:

jens 06-28-2017 07:33 AM

With GNOME as the default DE, it does offer a "user-friendly" and very "app-store" looking package manager:

Including a huge set of shell add-ons (in collaboration with Ubuntu):

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